Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mixed Spirits for begginners

Mixing cocktails is fairly simple, doing it well, requires patience, dedication, passion, and precision. Great Mixologist are like cheffs, but instead of cooking we are mixing drinks. In order to make excellent drinks, we need to learn the basic drinks and build up from there.

You don´t really need to be that passionate about mixology to poor some great martinis when you are getting together with friends to sip a wonderful libation. But some of you, crazy cocktail enthusiasts, are on the look for great recipes and challenging concoctions. You will find them all together here. In every blog episode I will provide you with 3 ways to create the recipe: the best recipe to reproduce a drink, the cheapest version to make a drink and still make it a good one and the practical version too. Sometimes you won´t find the right ingredients or you just cannot afford them, that does not mean that you should not enjoy the best possible drink. If I can serve great drinks here in South America with a very restricted portfolio of imported liquors, then you, Betty Joe back there in Louisiana should be able to enjoy them too.

My name is Juan Carlos Correa, but you may call me Tato Correa if you are a friendly drinker. I own a small martini bar in Bogota, Colombia, named Once Onzas (Eleven Ounces, for our english speakers). The name came after finding the biggest possible martinis glasses, after measuing with them we founf that 11 ounces was the maximum capacity in them. Since I am convinced in your business, you should serve as much as you can, then it was obvious that the name was a reflection of our service.

O.k. Now that we are done with formal introductions, We should focus on what is important, the cocktails and the writing. my first blog will talk about ICE, the catalyst in most libations and it´s many different forms and uses.Before I forget, in this blog you may find some idiomatic imperfections. Well, my measly salary as Production Manager and Mixologist Geek does not allow me to hired a Speech Coach or a blog Editor, and since English is my third Language every now and then you will find some grammar issues. I will apologize in advance but hey, if you have read this far, this blog cannot be that bad. Let´s then move onto our cocktails and martinis world. Chapter one, ICE, ICE, BABY.