Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mojitos - The best mojitos ever

Mojitos one of the most crucial drinks for a bartenders. If you want to test your favorite bar abilites, ask for one of these cuban delights. If they do a great unforgetable mojito, drink it slowly, give them thumbs up and come back many times even with your loved ones. If they just do an overly sweet, not really fresh, pre-mixed mojito, then again give them your thumbs up, but only come back to these lousy bar when your mother-in-law is in town, or when you want to have one of your friends to stop talking to you.

If you want me to email you variation on these recipes, like blackberry mojitos, rhubarb mojitos, blueberry mojitos, Moscow mule mojitos and many others.


• Use silver rums, Cubans are hard to get in the US wiuth the embargo and all, but some caribbean rums like the Puertorrican rums will do. Avoid the Lemon flavored rums.
• Fresh mint and Fresh limes do have a certain shine.
• Top them with Soda water, champagne or a mix of both.
• Don't over muddle

The good one and the easy one

The good one

1 large sprig spearmint
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 spoonful of granulated sugar 
2 big slices of lime
1 oz of lime juice
2 oz white rum
3 oz soda or sparkling water
Splash of Prosecco or Asti
Crushed ice

On a short metallic shaker or a rock glass, muddle the spearmint (just the leaves), sugar, and mint for about 20 secs. Do it gently.
Fill a highball with ice, add the rum, lime juice (save the lime hull, you silly bartender), and the simple syrup. Roll the contents from the highball into the rock glass back and forward until the drink is well mixed. Served on the used highball, of course, throw the lime hull into the glass, top with Soda and add a final little splash of champagne (prosecco, asti, cheap champagne... I know we all are not Mr. Trump to spend money on champagne just for a little splash, but maybe buy a split of prosecco for a few drinks will be just fine.

The easy one

8 to 12 mint leaves
2 spoonful of granulated sugar 
1/2 lime
2 oz white rum
3 oz soda
regular ice

Gently muddle mint and sugar, fill glass with ice, squeeze that half lemon, add the hull to the glass, add rum, soda water and stir with a straw.